Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sweet Rapture from The White Armory

Every now and then I come across a gown that makes me want to say "Just Wow" and today I found that dress! Thank's to a stranger, that I am now happy to call friend ; I found "The White Armory"! There I found a beautiful gown, Sweet Rapture Gown , in a blue and cream color shade with small tassels and jewels that are done with such detail. A very dashing medieval gown with a modern upgrade. To my surprise, and boy It was a surprise, the gown was FREE for group members. Although the gown is free for group members and enrollment for the group is free, you must send a request to be invited into the group. It took me less then 24 hours to receive my invitation and less then two minutes for me to pick up the gown!

Would you like to grab a this gown for your closet? 
Well be sure to check out 
 Can't wait for your group innovation and must have the dress? 
Well you may also buy this lovely gown on the market place for only $300L!
Now there are benefits for buying The dress on the market place, If you buy on the market place not only do you get a lovely gown but you also get a nice jewelry set and hair (shown in picture below)
**TWA**Sweet Rapture Gown Set

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Lil Devil Vixen

Sometimes a girl just needs to go shoe shopping to cheer her up & that's what I did. After a long day I visited my one of favorite Stores, {Polished} ! I bought 3 items today, a pair of Zebra Sude Stilettos and two collars. The Vixen Collar and The Lil Devil Vixen Collar, both in Zebra-Black to match my lovely & sexy Stilettos!
The Zebra Sude Stilettos do come with a well design HUD, to allow you to change the skin color to match your own, Change the nail polish on the toe nails (26 colors to choose from), and re-size your heals to fit your body shape.

The Lil Devil Vixen collar is the sister collar to Vixen. They both share the same concept and can be purchased in 7 different colors (listed below) , the only difference is the silver detailed chain with a flared tip that runs down the wears back with The Lil Devil collar. It looks like a devil’s tail  & it’s a great accent to this style of collar. Both Collars have Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) functions, Lock, Add-ons, Animations, Leash and the ability to add owners of course! Great for  naughty fun or just for looks.

Other (The Lit Devil ) Vixen Collars colors-White- Black/Red-Black/Zebra-Black/Leopard-Black/White-Black-Black/Pink- Black/Pink Zebra  


Vixen Collar : $199L  In-World
The Lil Devil Collar: $250L In-World
Sude Black/ Zebra $99L Market Place

 Sude Black/ Zebra $99L Market Place
Vixen Collar : $199L  In-World

 The Lil Devil Vixen Collar: $250L In-World
The Lil Devil Vixen Collar: $250L In-World

Model & Photographer : NikitaAmo Resident
*Take note, If you buy the Items on the market place, they are a bit cheaper. If you do buy on the marketplace, please rate & let everyone know how great the collar & other items are*

XOXO NikitaAmo

Saturday, May 26, 2012

F I NE S M I T H Summer Hunt!

FINESMITH summer hunt has begun. This hunt is for group members only and it’s Free! However, in order to join the group there is a onetime fee of $365L. To some that may be a bit pricey, but it is well worth it. Not only does FINE SMITH give out free gifts each moth, but this summer hunt which started May 19, 2012 and ends on June 25th.  There are 25 boxes hidden around the store for the ladies, and new items will be rezzed later on during the hunt. A notice will be sent out once new items are added to this hunt. There are amazing items. Here we have VictoraJade modeling some of the items from the hunt


 Model & Photographer: VictoraJade
Skin: **NOYA** AVRIL - Sunkissed Skin with Cleavage
Eyes: **NOYA** Next Generation Eyes - new green (AVRIL)
Shape:**NOYA** Next Generation Eyes - new green (AVRIL)
^^^^^**NOYA** AVRIL - Female Model Avatar^^^^^ only $249L
( Includes  4 Shapes+3 Skins+15 Make Ups+Girl AO)
Hair : HairArt- Tiziana Hair Brown-May Gift (Free for group members, group is FREE)

Outfit:.::Karmas Kreations::  Suspender dress retro (FREE)

Hunt Items from FINESMITH summer hunt: 
-Hunt Item 1 : Finesmith Nails 10's Bird Taupe  (free for group members while hunt last)
-Hunt Item 3: Monotone Bracelet & Peach nectar bracelet (free for group members while hunt last)
-Hunt Item : Let it Drop Earrings (free for group members while hunt last)
-Hunt Item 6: Let it Drop Necklace (color Changer) (free for group members while hunt last)
-Hunt Item 10: Wile Sandals Zebra (free for group members while hunt last)

Up date & Announcement

Hello my lovely readers,

 As a Blogger, I shop a lot and I run out of room for groups & items that I need (Mostly want ). So in order to fix this problem I have decided after long consideration, to make an ALT. I would like to introduce "VictoraJade Resident". I will be using this alt for groups that I blog about, photo shoots, Shopping and just fun stuff. There for If I am not signed in as NiktiaAmo, you may try and find me As VictoraJade!


* Another awesome hunt (name of post MAY change) : post soon to come.
* Unknown ( name of post WILL change) : post soon to come.
*VictoraJade in person : Post soon to come


Back & Ready to Roll!

Hello everyone,

First off I would like to start off by apologize to all my readers for my long leave of absent and lack of notice.  As many of you know, Real life is most important and changes with out warning. Although I have been gone a while, I have no forgotten about Second Life, or this blog. I am back in-world and getting caught up on things. I plan to blog more now then ever and I am prepping for a new blog featuring some awesome clothes!