Monday, July 30, 2012

{Polished} Leo Pumps--yummy!

{Polished} Leo Pumps for only $99l in the marketplace; they are now my new favorite pair of pumps to rock! The leopard print is just amazing,with a small paint splash to give it a blue tint. These lovely pumps have a great re-sizer script so they fit all shapes! What I love most about these pumps ; the color blending is amazing. The orange,pink and red fade into each other nicely. They also look more natural since you don't have to worry about the RBG, and matching up the color of the shoes to fit your skin tone.

(In-World sims is down right now, they are remodeling but will be up soon) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fresh New looks!

Every now and then most of us going searching for a fresh new look to match our personality and the search can be long and hard to find our perfect look. My Lovely readers have seen me model many looks that were never quit my own. I have finely found my perfect shape, which has been show cased in many of photos. I have now found my perfect tattoos and Elvin ears, and come to find out i already had my perfect casual hair style in my inventory ; just never realized how much I liked it until i pieced it together with m shape,tattoos and ears..that and adding a color changer script [loving mod items]! So today I have taken photos of some really cute stuff that I've found in my inventory, items that I had planed on blogging about but never got around to. So happy picture suffering [below] Since there are soo many pictures I wont be giving a full style card for each look, instead I have added the Store name and LM (some are from the market place) were I got the outfit. ***NOTE: Some of the photos were taken before I found my new skin,tattoos & ears--but i loved the outfit and wanted to share them any way-please enjoy them as much as i did playing dress up*

 coldLogic -london.plum-MESH
Visit in world.
Visit on the web.

Shop  marketplace storefront.
 Shoes are #2::DUCE::2# Spot On V2 Panther
Shop In-world

All outfits shown in the two pictures above are from the same store ~PiNkMaReS HoUsE~ :) I hope to take sometime out to do a blog on Every outfit I own from the Store. That Blog will be mostly pictures as well since i have so many! i LOVE this store and the prices are amazing.they have A LOT of freebies & MM boards as well.

Shop in-world

Beyond the stars -Diva
Shop In-world
The dress Audrey tube [Green Apple]and accessorizes are from PurpleMoon creations
Shop In-world
This Gown with wings,Blythe Dancing Gown Set
, is from The White Amory,
Shop in-world

hO wEAr- Ice Queen
Fierce Designs by Sally Soleil - Costume: Alice In  Wonderland
Fierce Designs by Sally Soleil-*hell* leather outfit

House of Rage-HEARTLESS - Obsession

Bitch Tail *Epic Bitch-Teal

Well that's it for now, I hope y'all have enjoyed my many looks! 
Photographer: VictoraJadeResident
Model: NikitaAmo Resident


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FREE HUNT : The Makeup & Tattoo Hunt!

I am happy to report I have found an awesome hunt, The Makeup & Tattoo Hunt!  it started on July15,2012 and ends August 5,2012.  With a maximum of 40 stores participating in this FREE hunt, you are sure to find something to suit you. There are tattoos and makeup for both male and females; some of the hunt items are fat-pack such as location #7  *elymode* which includes 12 makeup layers from the Summer Mix eye-makeup pack. They are compatible with most skin tones and there is 6 color combinations with and without eye liner. [seen below in the vendor ad]

The start location of the hunt is [Sleeping Koala]

There are two issue that you should keep in mind

1.  is that location #4 doesn't have the LM for #5 but here is the taxi to location #5 CoLLisions

2.The second issue is that  #34 is now (flaunt). Virtual/Insanity item has been updated.

Below is the item you should look for; i myself at first thought it was a cupcake (I hadn't seen a picture of the item when i started the hunt *giggles*


The Makeup & Tattoo Stores
Click on the store name for the slurl

The Makeup & Tattoo Hints

1. Gift 1: The sheep have the makeup Gift 2: What a cute little house
2. Gift 1: Boys like makeup too. Gift 2: Don't cry baby it's not that hard
3. Gift 1: Freckles are so cute!. Gift 2: Have a seat!
4. Look to the sky and find CO2S to shine!
5. Somewhere between Malice & Nirvana... you will find what you seek.
6. where the angles meet
7. "I see you!"
8. i am lost in shoes!!!
9. Sit and get a tattoo
10. Take a seat & have a break
11. a lil
face mask will clear the blemishes right up.
12. watch your fingers !
13. Bull ?
14. Tired already? Just take a sit right over there.
15. Checkout Time
16. I think I'll hide out in this little MESH bowl.
17. Skin Department
18. naughty i wear a climb a stair and look around!
19. Reila ....?
20. She's a Beautiful Disaster (Check tattoo area)
21. I'm writing a dark love letter.
22. Broken frame is like a shattered soul
23. "I know why the caged bird sings..."
24. I love Lollipops!!
25. NEW!
26. I would love to get this bracelet engraved for my friend
27. Kiss Me
28. Look high AND low
29. Makeup doesn't usually go at the top of the tree, isn't it meant to be an angel?
30. If you like Jasmin's parfum, you will find me
31. Bird's the word
32. Demonica has an eye on you.
33. I won the cup
34. We could all use a bit of help sometimes.
35. Some cold air would be nice
36. You can totally put makeup on skulls :o
37. Our Wicked Models hold the key to your prize
38. Duct tape always helps.
39.  Live, Love & Laugh.
40. under the stairs 

 Rules For Hunters [ i didn't make them-just passing them along]

1. Please do not contact the store owner if you have a problem, instead contact Evelyn Hartshon. If anyone caught swearing or slagging of store, the owners and/or gifts will be removed from the group.

2. Do not shout in local chat where the hunt item is. It is a HUNT and some people will actually want to do the hunt themselves.

3. DO NOT cheat. Anyone caught cheating will be removed from the group and possibly banned from the stores.

4. Only ask in group chat for help if you are really stuck.

5. Please read Hunter Tips page, it tells you ways to stop lag etc.
Good luck to everyone hunting, I myself haven't found all the items but would be more then happy to get a few hunting buddy's! Time for me to keep hunting and hopefully add all these gift items to my  inventory. I would like to thank "stuff my inventory hunts" for organizing and hosting yet another awesome hunt along with all the creators that are participating in the hunt and giving away high quality makeup and tattoos for FREE! Below are some more pictures of the items in the hunt (not in any particular order)