Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sexy & I Know It!

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Model & Photographer:
Shape:--*YELIZ*-- STARSHINE by JD Hassanein FREE
Skin:--*YELIZ*-- STARSHINE color: Nouga by JD Hassanein FREE
Hair:--*YELIZ*-- HAIR for STARSHINE Skin and Shape by JD Hassanein FREE
Eyes: *YELIZ* Eyes blue diamond by JD Hassanein FREE
Dress:*YELIZ*-- STARSHINE by JD Hassanein FREE
Shoes:Polished Urban Black & Red by Starr Violet  $199L

* The *YELIZ* STARSHINE Shape,Skin,Hair,Eyes & Outfit are packaged into one as a group gift. It is free to enroll into the group*
* Polished Urban Black & Red Boots, Also comes in 6 other colors! Ranging from black and white to pink and blue. So there is something for everyone!*

XOXO NikitaAmo

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hello my lovely readers. I realize I've been a bit lazy with posting the past 4 days. However, RL does come first & not only did I get to visit a wedding but a new baby was brought into the family as well :) Well now I am back in SL I will be getting ready together an outfit fit for a bride! What can I say, I've been inspired! So check back later for information and Yes Pictures!!!

XOXO NikitaAmo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

★⊱Be Polished⊰★

Hey my Loveie readers, It's that time a day again. You know were I tell ya'll were to find Great stuff! So What I wanna do today is introduced one of my favorite places to buy sexy shoes, Polished Stars Stilettos! Now Not only do they have some Must buy stilettos & boots but the owner Star has put out a MM board, Lucky Letter Board and 2 lucky chairs !
 ( Please click to enlarge photos)
 YAYY! I took this during one of the Free Shoe Events Star was nice enough to host. She placed out 10 pair of Valentine Red Heals and 10 pair of Queen of Heats boots & let all the group members know there were was only a limited number set out for Free! If you don't grab your free pair , well you can always hit the camping chairs for 30 minutes and get them!
 This is the first camping chair, If you have some time to spare you could always tp in and sit for 30 minutes and get a free pair of the Queen of Hearts boots!
This is the 2nd camping chair, This one is for the 
Polished Valientine Red Heals, Which are completely sexy by the way!
 You can always find a great pair of Boots or Stilettos on sale, Grab a free item & group gifts!
Star will host random Shoe hunt, were you can buy a nice pair of heals or boots for only $1L! I have gotten over 6 pair of shoes during the hunts! So you can't beat that!
 Now If you don't have time to sit & really want the shoes you can always buy them!
These are the Queen Of Hearts Boots by Star Violet , They sale for only $199L ! Which is a great price for high quality Boots! You can Wear them out in about in  SL or for you Valentines day date! These boots will look great with almost everything!
Now If you looking for something that shows some feet &Skin, then this Valentine Red Heals are for you!
They have beautifully sculpted roses and diamonds on the back of the heal with a really nice touch of pink nail polish to set the shoes off! You can own a pair of these for only $249L! 

Just keep in mind if you can't buy them, you can always camp for them & there well worth the time & price! Now Get over to Polished Stars Stilettos and get these sexy Shoes, or just around and find another pair! They also sell awesome skins & ankle bracelets !
XOXO NikitaAmo

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spending Valentines Day In **NOYA**

Good after noon everyone! Is it not a fabulous day for shopping? Then again, everyday is a good day to shop! I was going to wait to post a new blog until Thursday but said what the heck why not brag about this hot valentines outfit I found for only $50L complete with hot red heals! I was graciously tipped for my fine model skills yesterday and thought I go shopping in the market place for something Sexy, Short, that would make any man's jaw drop! As you can probably guess, I find a sexy little number from **NOYA** designs in the market place for only $50L!**NOYA** designs has become one of my favorite places to shop for skins, and now for Clothes! With out further a due here is a snap shoot of the outfit in question along with a snap shot of the heals!

( click to enlarge photo)
Model & Photographer: NikitaAmo Resident
Skin & Shape:**NOYA** NOYA-PROMO-CHLOEE-Female-Model-Avatar  by: NOYA Resident ($199L)
Dress & Shoes: **NOYA**Valentine-Flawless-Red-Dress-with-High-Heels by NOYA Resident (50L)
Hair: A&A Bella Dark Brown Hair by Alice Klinger (FREE)
Earrings: **NOYA** Silver Looping Earrings=VIP GIFT for customers only

*To get the Earings you must be a VIP group member, It's free to join but by invention only. How do you get an invite? Well you must buy something from **NOYA** Designs in the marketplace!  *

XOXO NikitaAmo

Some Free gifts from the VIP room!

As promised I am here to show case a few items I had gotten at SHIKI for free, in there VIP Room! I have taken a collection of photos of a very few outfits I did pick up there! In order to get the free gifts you must join the group ,enrollment is FREE!

Normally I would post credits for each item worn. 
However, I am not going to be doing that on this post!
Instead I am only going to give you the SURL for SHIKI Store!

XOXO NikitaAmo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Can't wait for spring to come!

I never thought I would miss Spring, with all the rain and the birds waking me up early in the morning with there songs of joy. However, right about not I do. I miss the cool breeze , the smell of fresh cut grass & blooming of flowers everywhere. Tired of waiting, I went in search for my own spring. I wanted to lay in the grass and fell the roughness of tree trunks! I wanted to be a garden fairy and force spring to come to me & so I did!

( click to enlarge photo)

Model / Photographer : NikitaAmo Resident
Outfit & Hair : -BAIASTICE-Ninfa Dei Boschi Outfit by :Sissy Pessoa ( Free)
Skin:::Modish:: Windy Goth Fair (Visit Here in World for Skin-Free)
Shape : NikitaAmo 3 by NikitaAmo (NFS)
*BAIASTICE Is also one of the designers in the ZombiePopCorn Hunt
It is #26 BAIASTICE Hint :Don’t get stuck between the revolving doors!


Sweet Pie!

After a long hard day of hunting, I kicked back in my privet dressing room.( A must have for a shopaholic & Model) I hoped on to the bar, kicked off my heals; got ready to relax, and dig into the many shopping bags I collected after my 3 day shopping spree! Boxed up on my floor was Sweet Pie, even thou it wasn't really an eatable pie, I sure looked yummy in that sexie red mini dress. I took one look at the tag & did a happy dance, the designer was non other then the fabulous Missqwerty Pevensey ; Owner & Designer of [AMERICAN BAZAAR] . She provided this Red & Black Mini Dress for the Womenstuff Hunt & It is # 38 on the list of stores that are providing hunt gifts! I bet you would like to know were it is hu? Well I will give you the same hint that was given to me! HINT: Holy Socks it's something new!  

(click on photos to enlarge)
Model:NiktiaAmo Resident❣Photographer: NikitaAmo Resident❣Photo taken at : My house!
❣Dress: [AMERICAN BAZAAR] -Sweet Pie by:Missqwerty Pevensey   (Womentsuff Hunt Item)
❣Hair: Hair ARt -Alina Hair Black (Resizer) by :Sebass Easterwood
❣Skin :  Dulce Secrets :- ::DS:: Tymara Amaretto Voluptuous 
Cleavage Bush by:Anne Maertens(Womentsuff Hunt Item)
❣Tattoo: AITUI-AITUI TATTOO - Forever Loved  [Fresh] by:Jesseaitui Petion(Womentsuff Hunt Item)
❣Shape : NikitaAmo by Nikita Amo ( NFS)
❣Wardrobe prop: IOS -IOS Wardrobe with Poses Black Wood by:Katia Millet (Womentsuff Hunt Item)
♟NOTE : If you like the art work in my dressing room & would like to know how to get your hands on it, please feel free to contact me in-world for more details ♟
Will be posting more updates on the hunt items I have gotten , so keep checking back!
XOXO NiktiaAmo

Monday, February 6, 2012

WomenStuff Hunt!

I have completed the Women Stuff Hunt, the first one EVER,  in 3 days! Now don't worry The hunt is still going on for those of you who don't know about it yet, you  should! 
The Hunt started on February 3 and it ends the 29th of Feb. 
There are 150 locations with great items! You have gifts from some of the best designers in SL including GizzA Creations, SF Design, PeKas ,Vero Modero, Just to name a few! 
Now most want to know were the good stuff is, well it's ALL good stuff! So make sure you check out each and every location on the list! Now for a sneak peek at a few of the Items I got from the hunt! 
Everything i am wearing is from the hunt, except the shape. 
The Shape is one I've made!