Saturday, June 30, 2012


Finesmith banner xstreet 
(FINESMITH Official Market Place Logo)
All Rules are being broke, & FINESMITH is sharing it all! All FINESMITH single items & some sets have been marked down to $100L! Yula Finesmith has also set out a Group Gift In-world for may, and a Gift on the market place as well!
 You can grab the FINESMITH Designs Belly Ring 06 [Click Here 2 get the gift]
Below is the Official Ad for the Belly Ring! 

 Finesmith jewelry Bow Belly ring GIFT

In the picture below you have the official add for the  FINESMITH Designs' KIRINS POEM SILVER. This set has gem color changer with 12 gem offers. Includes head peace,necklace and ring for Only $100L ! Yes it's one of the many Sale Items around the store! As you can see the detail its superb and is made for the runway!I've already bought mine & will be sharing the pictures with ya'll later on in my up-coming blog! 

Well what are you waiting for? Visit FINESMITH JEWELRY today!

*Links to The Store & Blog*

XOXO NikitaAMmo

Looking to earn $L ?

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I came across  a website,Stuffpoints, that allows you to earn points by completing task and offers which you can later cash in for Lindens. I know It sounds to good to be true, so I tested it out my self! So fair I have earned 25 points doing 2 simple task that took less then 5 minutes, which in Lindens is $5L! In order to with draw the $L you earn,you must have a total of 200 points; giving you $40L.  So if your one of those many Second Life residents ,like my self, who don't buy $L, this is a great way to get them with out spending a ton of time earning them!
5 points=$1L

Wanna star earning some $L today, then check out the website! Link is below!

Now I am out, time for me to stock up on my points, I see a shopping spree in my future :)

XOXO NikitaAmo

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Watch out for Scams in SL!

I wanted to take time to let everyone know of a rising problem in second life, scammers,frauds & Con Artisit! One never really knows the full extent to this problem until you have had to deal with it personally . I my self have be scamed! Yes, even a long term residental player can be tricked out of there Lindens If they are not careful!

Although I didn't lose many Lindens, I feel as if I have been robed. I would hate to see this happen to anyone else. Linden Lab has an Official Scam List. (see info below)

"Unscrupulous Residents can sometimes steal your Linden dollars by placing invisible prims over a scripted vending object, or by interfering with the data being passed between scripted objects. Report any such activity as abuse. See Filing an abuse report.
In cases where someone not involved in a deal intercepts payments, or causes a script to make fraudulent payments, Linden Lab will attempt to identify the abuser, and apply discipline as appropriate.
Separately, Linden Lab may be able to recover some or all lost Linden dollars, and return them to the correct Residents. Any restitution depends primarily on the recovery of lost Linden dollars from the abuser's account.

Be extremely careful when purchasing Linden dollars anywhere else, especially if the deal sounds too good to be true. Scammers prey on your uncertainty and greed when trying to defraud you, so do your research beforehand and save yourself a lot of trouble.
See also Buying and selling Linden dollars.

When viewing a scammer's posts, click the Abuse Report link (either on the left of a thread or below a post). Keep in mind that scammers disguise under different identities, and that this is not a 100% comprehensive list, but blatant abusers to avoid. However, the practices on this page are broadly useful.
  • "eingee" aka "eveonlinez" - See example scam ad. Repeatedly spamming the forums under different accounts and trying to circumvent Linden Lab's blocks, in the process causing a lot of pain for our Residents. It should be obvious such desperate and disruptive behavior is a red warning flag that they're scammers. We've blocked their direct hyperlinks so they are trying different combinations (like this) to get around.
  • "gamesker" - Similar wording to eingee as noticed here. Has tried to post images to circumvent word filters on the new site. 

Abuse-report their post by clicking the Report abuse link in the left of the thread or underneath a post so that Linden moderators will see it. Many independent reports from multiple Residents who all think it's a scam helps escalate it to our attention, so the scammers can be banned.
Remember, scammers can't take your money if you don't give them business. Ignore their pleas for attention, and you can reply, telling other Residents to beware (with our Discussion Guidelines in mind). But don't direct-link to their sites, it gives them traffic and leaves others vulnerable — this is especially dangerous with phishing attacks.

Hair Fair 2012 -Photo Contest!

The Hair Fair 2012 opens July 14th, an annual event & defiantly one of the biggest events in Secondife.
Each year the orginazors of the Hair Fair host a photo contest & this year is No different. Some Lucky Contest Winner , will win a lot of Prizes from the Sponsors (Sponsors are listed below)! To be honest, I wouldn't mind If I was that lucky contest winner. You can see my Entry for The Hair Fair 2012, along with contest details for those of you who wish to enter in the contest as well! Be sure to check out the Hair Fair ,Opening July 14,2012 and closing July 29,2012! I wish Everyone Good Luck! 
Hair Fair 2012-Photo Contest -Entry! 
Model & Photographer: NikitaAmo Resident
Hair: [LeLutka]-Rush Hair-FireTop
(subscriber gift-FAT PACK)

Hair Fair 2012 Information!  
1. This years theme is  "Freedom" be as Creative as you like, feel free to include other people in your shots.c

However, as in previous years, ONLY THE PERSON ENTERING THE PHOTOGRAPH IS ELIGIBLE TO WIN. This years contest will run from 1st June - 30th June 2012

Be creative, but remember we’re looking for pictures that focus on the hair and you. PHOTOS SUBMITTED TO THIS POOL MUST HAVE BEEN UPLOADED SINCE THE START OF THE CONTEST, PHOTOS OLDER THAN THE START WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, we want fresh focus and definite passion for this event, and this event only.

2. Feel free to enhance your shot in the photo editing program of choice, no text or brands/logos. We don't want to see vendor images here or store logos in the background for example. Just remember this isn't an advertisement but a tribute to hair that you love.Also be aware that we wont be judging your photos on how little or much you know of PS or GIMP, rather the feel of the picture and the capture itself.That being said, please do not "over process", we want to be able see the hair!

3. Keep your photos at a minimum of 512 pixels by 512 pixels - larger than this will be resized - The picture must be Square

tag all photos Hair Fair 2012
If you do not submit photos to the specified sizes and shape, we will have to decline your entry, so please be sure to do so.

4. Photos may only be entered once, and only the person entering the photo is eligible to win. The same photo may not be entered by more than one person. You must have full ownership rights to the photo you are entering. If it was taken by someone else, then you must be allowed to use it in this manner. Check with the photographer before entering because any disputes of ownership of a photo will result in disqualification.

5. Entrants are limited to a total of 8 entries. Enter only your very best photos, as swapping out will not be allowed. We will be keeping track of who enters what, and swapping out your photos after submission will result in your disqualification. We want to make it fair to everyone.

6. In the description of each photo you enter, please include:

* Your Second Life avatar name ( no display names )
* Model/s
* Photographer
* Hair Style Name and Store ( the store does not have to be in Hair Fair 2012 )

7. All photos must be entered by Midnight SLT on 30th June, at that time uploads will be disabled.

8. Winners will be announced just prior to the start of Hair Fair with all winners receiving a special VIP invitation to Hair Fair before it opens its doors to the public. 

Winning photos will also be featured at Hair Fair. 
First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive a selection of prizes from our Prize Sponsors - not all Prize Sponsors have donated to each prize slot.
Seven runners up will also be given early access to Hair Fair 2012, as well as having their photos on display at the event.

9. No Nudity, this is a charity event to raise money for Children, naked pictures and pictures that the committee deem inappropriate will not be accepted, the committee's say on this is final.

You may also showcase past designers who have left Second Life, designers just starting out, or even hair you or a friend made.

All photos will be moderated before being approved into the group pool, please be patient as we are all on different timezones, but the pool will be checked daily. If your photo does not appear after 24 hours, please check that all the rules have been followed..thank you

The judges decisions are final

Prizes cannot be exchanged, negotiated or sent to avatars other than the winners.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Ashia Tomsen or Sasy Scarborough in world via notecard.

This year we are very honoured to be working again in conjunction with Wigs For Kids, a fantastic organisation. You can find details about the work they do at


Prize Sponsors :

XOXO NikitaAmo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

CWS-Autumn Bridal Gown!

Hello my Lovely Readers, Today I will be showcasing a Beautiful bridal Gown from Classic With Style! (CWS) I found the breath taking bridal gown, Suzie Werewolf Autumn Bridal Gown for only $299L! Below I am shown Modeling the Gown.


Model: NikitaAmo Resident
Photographer: VictoraJade Resident

XOXO NikitaAmo

Monday, June 25, 2012

.:BTS:. Delirious in Green!

Hello my lovely readers, today We have.:BTS:. Delirious in Green. This complete outfit (shirt,pants & shoes) are only 99L and comes in Pink,Blue,Purple,Black,Green  & Red! You can grab it in the market place or in-world! I love this outfit, because not only do the jeans remind me of my RL favorite Jeans but because the amazing texture of the top. You can see that owner/designer  Star Paneer has put a great deal of time to add a cute little belt around the hips & neck on the shirt.
 (which is great if your seeking less attachments, less lag, and faster rezzing)

[Click to enlarge photo]

Style Card:
Model: NikitaAmo
Outfit: .:BTS:. Delirious Green
[outfit includes: Top,Jeans,and shoes]
[.:BTS:. In-world]
   Skin: ANTZ & Jess : Jess 2
Eyes: [V] Venom ll--blue--eyes
 Hair : Magika[Gift]
NOTE ABOUT THE HAIR: Its mesh & This group gift is a fun color version of the hairstyle Calm.
You can purchase Calm in the regular 50 hair colors at the mainstore and on the marketplace.
This gift includes two sizes and an alpha layer to cover any eventual bald spots.
[If you are having trouble viewing mesh correctly please read this guide]
  [Click here to visit in-world & get yours FREE ]

Sunday, June 24, 2012

MOREA STYLE 5th anniversary-& Gifts!

Today  I cam across MOREA STYLE, a designer shop full of clothes,hair & more! They are celebrating there 5th anniversary with Sales, Hunts, and a New gift! So from June 21,2012  to July 1,2012 there will a 50% off promotion on a very large selection of MOREA STYLE clothes ranging from Casual,formal,costumes, detailed clothes,some accessories and some from the bridal collection. They have New Releases at special reduce prices, An Anniversary Exotic Dress, A promotion for 501& off Virtual impression & white window along with EXCLUSIVE Members gift.( Group Enrollment is FREE, and you can see the picture below,YAY) They are also hosting a the MOREA STYLE HUNT ; that started June 21,2012 as Well and Like the sales will end on July 1, 2012! 

    Style Card :
Model: NikitaAmo Resident
Photographer: VictoraJade Resident       
(Outfit includes: Top,Pants,beltFlexi dress,Necklance,Bustier ruffles (for top) 
     Skin: ANTZ & Jess : Jess 2
Eyes: [V] Venom ll--blue--eyes
 Hair : Magika[Gift]
NOTE ABOUT THE HAIR: Its mesh & This group gift is a fun color version of the hairstyle Calm.
You can purchase Calm in the regular 50 hair colors at the mainstore and on the marketplace.
This gift includes two sizes and an alpha layer to cover any eventual bald spots.
[If you are having trouble viewing mesh correctly please read this guide]
  [Click here to visit in-world & get yours FREE ]

MOREA STYLE Links & Landmarks to Check out!!

A Few fashionable Items!

Hey my Lovely readers, Just wanted to post a quick update. Sorry I've been a bit busy in RL , although I haven't forgotten about ya'll! So check it out & see what I have put together!

Model : VictoraJade (my alt)
Photographer: VictoraJade (my alt)
Top:::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta Top
Pants:::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta correction pants 1
underpants:::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta correction pants
undershirt: ::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta Top 1
Shoes: ::PM:: Narcissus Ballerinas in purple
Gloves:  ::PM::  Chok Gown in Magenta gloves
Collar:::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta collar-resize-
Skirt: :  ::PM :: Chok Gown in Magenta
Earrings: ::PM :: Cubics ll Earrings
Necklace: ::PM :: Cubics ll Heaven Necklace
Purse:  ::PM ::Amanda in Purple Clutch/purse
Shape: VictoraJade- Jade for PM Gowns
Skin: **NOYA** Avril-Sun kissed Skin with cleavage and oil
Hair: ::PM:: Ann Hair-BlaCK/White-
Eyes: **NOYA** Next Generation eyes-New green (April)

XOXO NikitaAmo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On The Side of PurpleMoon Styling Contest!

Hello my lovelys,

I have entered yet another outfit in the -On the side of PurpleMoon Styling Contest!-
Here is what I came up with! Along with the Style Card!

PM Contest On this side of the PurpleMoon -Formal Classic

Style Card:
Model & Photographer: NikitaAmo ResidentDress: ::PM:: Audrey Tube Dress in Apple Green
Skirt:  ::PM:: April blouse in Black Sleeves (resized and moved)
Belt  ::PM:: Lara Gown In red belt
Earrings: ::PM:: Bubble Earrings in Cherry
Necklace: ::PM:: Bubble Necklace in cherry
Shoes: ::PM:: Classic Pumps in cherry
Hair: ::PM:: Dew Hair -Black/white-
Skin: Akeruka Alessia Sun 07
Shape: Nikita*Annalee
Eyebrow: ::Modish:: eyebrow shaper
eyes: [V] Venom ll--Blue--Eyes

XOXO NikitaAmo

Monday, June 18, 2012

.:BTS:.Pop Rocks In Green!

Hello my loveky readers, Just doing a quick blog post! So check out the pictures and TP over to .::.BTS::. To get this Pop Rocks outfit. ( comes in 5 colors!) Includes,,shoes,leg warmers & pop rocks to put in your mouth! ( you can find the limo below)

(Click on pictures to enlarge) 
 Style Card # 2:

Model & Photographer : NikitaAmo Resident
Hair:MINA Amber - Black
Skin: **NOYA** CHLOEE skin with CLEAVAGE
Outfit: .::BTS::. Pop Rocks-In Green!

"From head to toe" - PurpleMoon Anniversary Hunt

PurpleMoon Is celebrating there 3rd Anniversary this month.  Not only have they set many items at a discounted price, up to 75% off & some for only $10L , but they are also having a Hunt for VIP group members. The hunt is June 17th - July 7th. The owner Poulet Koenkamp  has set out 14 pearls around PM with pieces of a complete outfit, including : Hair, dress and jewelry! All the pearls are numbered, so you can keep track of the ones you need to find. You MUST wear the PurpleMoon VIP tag to click the pearls & receive your goodies!  There are 9 pearls hidden at the [First] Main Floor, 3 pearls on the Second Floor [Upper level] and 2 pearls in the BOHO House. (Outside the Main Store across the garden)  Don't worry, Poulet Is nice enough to provide some hints as well! (which are below)
All the items are BRAN new and were made especially for PupleMoon's 3rd anniversary!
Thank you so much Poulet for your amazing products and down right friendly attitude.
 People Like you make Second Life a blast!

  • #01 It warms your hearth.
  • #02 Bubbles fro your tired and cold feet.
  • #03 Dance surrounded by roses.
  • #04 It's a name, it's a month, it's a top!
  • #05 People say Elvis was seen in this room.
  • #06 It is a name of a flower that reminds me of my mom.
  • #07 She is in Wonderland.
  • #08 Poulet's first gown ever is surrounded by butterflies and this little pearl.
  • #09 It's a bird, it's gold, it's a queen!
  • #10 In this room all the names have three letters.
  • #11 Gold and Diamonds in infinite circles.
  • #12 Among all these tiny frozen pearls, there is one that sounds out.
  • #13 Going on vacations? Start packing!
  • #14 Sit down and relax at the light of a candle, you are done!

Now I know you would like to see what your hunting for right? Well below you see me modeling The complete outfit; that you can get too from the hunt! If you aren't a PurpleMoon VIP, you can still enroll by click Join PurpleMoon VIP and paying the enrollment fee of $50L.
With all the great group member gifts and discounted rates, & the BRAN NEW items from the hunt; it's defiantly worth the Lindens.( Click photos to enlarge photos)

Style Card #1
Model& Photographer: NikitaAmo Resident
Hair::: PM :: Vin Hair -BASICS-(color changer,& comes w/4 hair bases){In PurpleMoon Hunt}
Eyes:[V] Venom II -- Blue -- Eyes
Skin:Akeruka Alessia Sun 07
Shape: Annalee ~Made by NikitaAmo
Gown::: PM :: Paula Gown in Purple{In PurpleMoon Hunt}
Jewelry:  :: PM :: Pearl's Dream in White Bracelet-:: PM :: Pearl's Dream in White Ring-:: PM :: Pearl's Dream in White Necklace-:: PM :: Pearl's Dream in White Earring{In PurpleMoon Hunt}

Saturday, June 16, 2012

House of Europe Video

Hello my lovely readers, guess who got to me in the House of Europe Video, shot by CLASSIC GLAMOUR W/ STYLE MAGZ & Sponsored by House Of Europe owner/designer Mr Didier Rascon? I was on of the five lucky Models chosen after the fashion show to be in the video. House of Europe is celebrating there 2nd anniversary in Second Life. They are having an amazing sale on all the gowns featured into days show. Each gown is only $199L and so worth the Lindens! 

*Style Card*
Model & Photographer: NikitaAmo
Skin: **NOYA** CHLOEE skin with CLEAVAGE
Shape: Nikita Dress Model# 2 by Nikita (Not For Sale)
Hair: hO wEAr ~Defiance Hair Black *short with hair base*
Eyes:[V] Venom II -- Blue -- Eyes
Eye Lashes: *NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes
Nails:Nails Formanails - Form long - Design JIAO

XOXO NikitaAmo Resident!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Diamond nail art Stilettos Heels

 These Sexy Stilettos are available in 10 colors (in-World)
As you can see, there are diamonds around the ankle strap, and on the toe nails. It also includes a Hud to change skin and nail polish colors( 26 colors to chose from!) & a re-sizer so it may fit any shape!
Diamond Nail art stilettos heels are $250L for each pair, or you may grab this pair for $199L on the marketplace!

(click image to enlarge)
 {Polished}offers Affordable High Quality Stilettos,Boots, Skins, Mesh Corsets & Collars!
Wanna keep up to date with {Polished} ? Well here is how!

 What you get for joingng the {Polished} group!:
   "  {Polished}
                   ★⊱VIP Members Only⊰★ 
             I spam For the good of the group
*Every Purchase earns you up to 10% Store Credit,
Store Credit is only for group members who wear the group tag, when making purchases.
*Daily 99L$ Sales
*Group Only Sales
*In-store Gifts & Dollarbies Random Calls in group
* MM & Lucky Letter Boards & Camp Chairs only group access (when available)

I give only the best products to my most loyal Customers.. Just as a thank you"-Starr Violet-

And trust me , when she says she only gives the best products, she isn't lying! I just adore her style!

XOXO NikitaAmo

Thursday, June 14, 2012

New favorite hang out : .::Bitch Tail ::.

Today while going through my notices, I had received a group notice from Bitch Tail trough women stuff group. So Of course I had to visit the store,they were have a $98L Store wide Sale! While visiting, I found so much stuff & so much FREE stuff!  When walking in I found 3 free outfits, and after exploring I came across another 3 free gifts along with some lucky chairs,and gotcha machines. 
While waiting on the lucky chair, a bomb went off! Now I know what your thinking, "really  a bomb?" YES but It was a prize bomb, giving me a Free Skin ,and after a few more minutes it gave me a Tattoo! So of course I joined the group , but i also found the VIP group as well. Now the VIP group fee is $500L I know, bit high to join a group but so worth it, because as a VIP, I get $250L store credit EVERY month! I get new release for only $50L INCLUDING mess clothes! Below Is a picture of  me modeling the Skin & tattoo I got for free & The outfit I got at a discount with my New VIP tag from Bitch Tail!

☠ Credits  ☠
☠Model & Photographer: NikitaAmo☠
☠Skin: .::Bitch Tail ::.  Rave Princess Skin☠Free From the Prize Bomb
☠Shape: **NOYA** CHLOEE SHAPE☠ 195L W/complete avatar 
Eye Lashed: *NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes☠
☠Eyes:  Rag Dollz Clothing-Beauty Flash Blue☠ 10L
☠Hair: Rhianna Ceriano 1.Boon Hair-Black -☠ Free (see note below)
☠Hair Base: hO wEAr Defiance Hair Base*☠ 25L (comes with hair)
☠Tattoo: .::Bitch Tail ::.flyingbird  ☠ Free From the Prize Bomb
 ☠Outfit: .::BT::. Pixel Dreams☠ Only 50L with the VIP Tag!
☠.::BT::. Pixel Dreams Outfit Includes: ☠
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *alpha*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *base*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *black* L
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *black* R
::BT::. Pixel Dreams *dress*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *fishnets*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *fore arm* L
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *fore arm* R
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *panties*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *skirt prim*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *sleeve glitch*
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *upper arm* L
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *upper arm* R
.::BT::. Pixel Dreams *wings*

Visit Bitch Tail In-World

Join the Free Bitch tail group:   secondlife:///app/group/b09e6d3a-9d1e-03e5-7449-6760e06832b3/about
Free enrollment group ->
 Bitch Tail offers:
*High quality clothing and more for ONLY $98L or less Mesh Included.
(mall renters, breedables, fatpacks Not Included )
*25% back in store credit to all members
*Group gifts
*Complete shopping mall
*FREE membership
*ALL members have the right to invite their friends and family to enjoy all that Bitch Tail has to offer.....


Join the VIPS: secondlife:///app/group/f5dea4d0-0c9e-187b-fe42-90e8d370cd89/about

What do you get as a VIP:
.::Bitch Tail VIP Group Offers::.
☑ $250L Monthly Store Credit Allowance
☑ First Buy Option On >NEW< Releases
☑ EXCLUSIVE sim lockdown events
☑ Group Gifts
☑ Random Adboard Model Calls
☑ No general store spam
(lucky chairs, manias, events and so on...)
☑ and loads more!!!!!

Only $500L one time join fee
No Refunds!
*Bitch Tail Chat ONLY within the group*

NOTES: For the hair: The creator Left SL, however, the hair is FULL perm, so if you send me a note card in-world with your name, (and alt names) I will be happy to send a copy to you for FREE!

XOXO NikitaAmo Resident

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Polished} Sexxi Stilettos!

Hello my Lovely readers, today I have a very  lovely Item from {Polished} that I will be sharing with y'all today!  Although I could say many awesome things about the products, I will let the pictures speak for me.
 (since I broke my finger, It makes it a bit harder to type; to those who love tor read , forgive me)

Below I am Modeling {Polished} Sexxi Yellow Stilettos, 
which you can own to for only $250L. Or you can own the whole fat-pack for $2,250L
If you wanna save some L, Visit the market place, you can get these Sexxi stilettos for $199L !
They are available in 10 colors (which all 10 are in the fat-Pack) : 
-Yellow -Pink -Black-Red -Blue-Dark Blue-White-Hot Pink -Purple-Lime-

XOXO NikitaAmo Resident

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random But Sexy Items

Since I haven't posted anything in a few days, This post will have a few random designers and great freebie items! Since I am posting about A LOT of different items, I wont be posting to much details about the items. I will include price & were you can find it! I hope you enjoy!
Photographer: VictoraJade Resident

Model: NiktaAmo Resident

Eyes: hO wEAr -Poh'nah eyes* { eyes come with a complete avatar) $200L

Shorts: Hot pants jeans FREE

Shoes: {Polished}  Stella White Black  $199L

Nails: Nails Formanails - Form long - Design JIAO $9L or you can visit the main store In-world and grab them FREE off the Lucky Letter  Board.

In the picture above, you have me modeling a complete avatar I bought from .:DELISH:. for only 1L!

            .:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Kimora - Light Blue **Almost FREE!**

 This complete avatar includes: 

Skin (copy)
2 shapes - one is modifiable (copy, mod)
Eyes (copy)
Eyebrow shape (copy)
Eyelashes (mod, copy)
Bra & Panties(copy)
Face light

 {Hair is NOT included}


Model: NikitaAmo Resident

Photographer: VictoraJade Resident

Skin,shape,eyes,eyebrows,eyelashes,bra& panties,face-light: 

.:: DELISH ::. Complete Avatar - Kimora - Light Blue **Almost FREE!**   $1L

Hair: hO wEAr -Defiance Hair Black Only $25L

Lauren -02 Complete Avatar Includes:
  2 Skins - natural breasts, and cleavage (copy)
2 shapes - one is modifiable (copy, mod)
Eyes (copy)
Dress (copy)
Dress prim skirt (copy, mod)
Eyebrow shape (copy)
Eyelashes (mod, copy)
 {Hair & Shoes are NOT included}


Model: NikitaAmo Resident

Photographer: VictoraJade Resident

Skin,Shape,Eyes,Eyebrows shape,eyelashes,dress:  .:DALISH:.

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Keiko Hair Maroon $175L

XOXO NikitaAmo Resident